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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Nail Polish Review

This week i decided to review another nail polish i bought recently from Rimmel London the lasting finish nail polish in "Double Decker Red 030" on sale for $2 AUD which is a steal from the usual $14.95 AUD it can cost in some stores. I chose to get the double decker as many of you will know i was born in North Yorkshire and as such love all things british including double decker buses, which i dearly miss due to not been able to surf in the aisle on the top deck going around corners anymore haha. 
It took me a few days to actually get off my rear and take my old polish off and test out this product as i have been busy and i will admit kind of lazy and also a little bit poorly recently, but here are my pros and cons for this product.

  • Great amount of pigment in the product so the colour is bright even with only one coat
  • The brush is a good thickness and didn't hold too much product  
  • The polish dried completely within 3-5 mins 
  • The bottle has good grip on the lid making it easy to open and not to spill
  • These polishes regularly go on sale in places like Coles, Woolies and Kmart so are not too expensive
  •  The regular retail price is pretty high
  •  When i first bought it the polish was inside wrapping that was hard to open
From now on i want to start giving products i review a "Happy Sam Rating" out of 5, with 1/5 been horrid and a 5/5 been melted chocolate and Netflix good, In using this scale i would like to give this product a:  4/5 Happy Sam Rating
I definitely reccomend this product and i will be buying more when i can,
Thanks for reading my lovelies
Bye for now xx  

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Purple and Black Hair

Recently I decided that I really needed to revamp my hair, boost my confidence for starting my course next week so I decided to buy some manic panic semi permanent hair dye in purple haze and fuschia shock to tint and give a purple/ pinky hue to my hair and I also had my sister-in-law dye under my fringe and the under layer of my hair with a permanent blue black hair dye to add depth. 
Whilst using the manic panic you MUST wear gloves and be extremely careful not to get it anywhere it is not supposed to be like on the tips of your ears and face and fingers as I now have purple tint to my nails and ears as I didn't quite follow this rule strict enough haha. I decided to leave the dye on for just over an hour and the results are great I love my new hair.



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Monday, 3 August 2015

Sally Hansen's Diamond Shine top coat / base coat review

Recently on a visit to the shopping centre with the hubby we came across a discount bin filled with nail polishes etc and I saw this top coat (it can be used as a base and top coat). I have been meaning to invest in a new top coat for a while and I have heard great things from this brand including longer wear and less chipping, it usually retails for around $16.95 AUD in places like Kmart but due to broken packaging this bottle was only $10 AUD yay for bargains.
When I got home I used the product straight away and found a few pros and cons for the product;

- Fast drying 
- Easy to open 
- The product increased the length of wear of my polish from 3 days to 7 days (with minor chipping)
- This product is sold in most stores including Kmart, Woolworths and Coles
- Added great shine to my polish 

- The brush is long and kind of clumsy
- I found the products consistency kind of runny 

Overall I really enjoyed the product and will be using it every time I paint my nails from now on and definitely recommend you guys try it out if your ever in search of a new top coat/ base coat

Thanks for reading my lovelies
Bye for now xx

Saturday, 1 August 2015

DIY Customized Shirts

In today's post i am going to run through a couple snazzy ideas on how to customize your shirts; you can use old baggy stretched out shirts or even a shirt that you picked up from K-mart for $3 a pop. In this Case i used option B.

Idea 1: Acrylic Paint
To make the first design i basically splatted paint on one side of the shirt and then folded it in half to create an inkblot test effect    

To make the second design i just decided i wanted to make a shirt with an evil pop tart on it so i painted it haha

Idea 2: Print your own iron on transfers

For This idea you just find an image you want on your shirt, print it shiny side down on iron on transfer paper using an inkjet printer (not a laser printer), Cut out the image as close to the edge as you can, Peel off Backing, Place where you want the design with the grease proof paper on top, Using an iron on high setting apply heat evenly over 30 secondsish and finally once it has slightly cooled gently peel off the grease proof paper to reveal your design

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed this post 

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Whats New ... Major Changes In My Life so far

Hello my lovelies,

I finally got the courage to face you all after all the things that have recently happened to me that pretty much ran me through the dirt and then back again, firstly i was involved in a car accident that wrecked our car (i was not at fault) and then secondly long story short i lost my job under suspicious circumstances. 

I know what your thinking, "why do you need courage to tell us about this stuff?" well to be completely honest i have put it off because i was worried about disappointing everyone and also worried about what people would say to me about what happened. 

I have been really down and out over it and only recently started to feel better.  I got accepted into my Diploma in Children services studying in Brisbane city and get to strive closer to my dream of becoming a kindy teacher which i start next week and i have lost more weight and cm at gym so i have come to think that getting to study something i love and follow my dreams may just be the silver lining in all of this.


Bye for now xx

Thursday, 2 July 2015

DIY Plugs

Recently i decided to have a go at making my own plugs for my stretched ears, my ears are 12mm so i used a ruler to measure the diameter to make sure they were the right size. This is what i did...

1. I went to my local dollar store and bought some polymer clay that you can bake in the oven

2. Work some of  the clay in your hands

3. Shape the clay into a sausage shape and break it into small pieces

4. Roll clay into plug like shapes and use the ruler to check the size ( note if it looks slightly too small, don't worry about it as they can expand in the oven only by 0.5-1mm but still i learned that the hard way as my first batch turned out too big )

5. Bake in the oven for 30mins at 130 degrees (c)(30mins for even 6mm of thickness)

And once they have finished in the oven and cooled down you now have your very own polymer clay plugs

Thanks for reading

Bye for now my lovelies