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Monday, 23 February 2015

February 2015 Wish List

  1.Tartan Check Crop Top, Ally

2. 90s Moon Pendant/ Bracelet, Etsy
3. Chiffon Hem Vest, Crossroads
4. Drape Collar Jacket, Ally
5. Pick Me Up Skinny Jeans, City Chic
6. Hanky Maxi Dress, Crossroads
7. Doolittle Boots, Famous Footwear

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Ebay Adventures #1

Hello my Lovelies,

Ebay has been around for so long now that almost everyone has bought something on it... whether it was needed or not haha. Lately i have been buying quite abit of cheap items to spice up my wardrobe and be more me, here are some of the things i bought...

1. Gypsy Antalya Bohemian Beachy Sliver Coin Coachella Statement Choker Necklace


2. Stunning Genuine Leather Crystal Quartz Point Choker Necklace Gem Pendant Charm


3. 1Pc Natural Drusy Amethyst Quartz Crystal Stone Gemstone Side Ways Pendant 


4. New Womens Ladies Tartan Check Sleeveless Strap Plaid Cami Swing Vest Dress Top

  $ 14.84

   + $11.87 postage

The Tartan dress been my favourite item i bought as well as the most expensive overall i am pleased with what i have bought, If any of you see any great items online and want to share maybe write the links in the comments below and maybe can start something great...

Hope you enjoyed looking at my pretties and until next time

Bye for now 

Friday, 20 February 2015

Fashionably late to 2015

Hello my Lovelies,

I think I may have left the fashionably late thing abit too long but I am back!

I have lots of news to tell you firstly I am now a working woman again.... WOO! 
I work 5 days a week at a roofing manufacturer as their receptionist / administrator which I am loving, It is so challenging and rewarding I don't mind the early starts as I get to come into a wonderful workspace. 

Secondly I have been buying off eBay a lot lately and I am thinking of doing a regular post about what I buy and reviewing the items I receive. Some of the items I buy are knock offs of the name brands but I will be comparing them in value and by quality as well as overall price which should be fun :)

Thirdly I am in search of a new laptop for my blogging as I no longer have my old one, I don't need anything flash just something simple that does the job so any suggestions would be amazingly appreciated. Oh, I almost forgot I got a haircut not long ago and now have a sassy hair do to go with my glowing personality haha, let's see how many people want to see my new hair :)

And lastly I just wanted to say I missed you all heaps and I will not be away so long next time <3

Bye for now

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Australis Conceal Correct 4 in 1 Concealer Palette Review

Hello there my lovelies,
I am going to start by explaining how i came across this concealer palette... I was out shopping with hubbo and i told him i was in need of a concealer palette so off we went into Priceline at Kippa ring and i went straight to the lady and asked her what concealer palettes they had and i swear i must have been talking a foreign language as the look she gave me was that of utter confusion. After around a minute a cog clicked in her brain and so the search began and she finally found this product and told me it was the only concealer palette they stocked.... Which is false as i have seen a concealer palette in another Priceline and went back a few days later to let them know for the manager to turn to me and basically call me a liar saying that she knows Australis is the only brand to do a palette at all... well screw you lady...Napoleon Perdis concealer paletteMac concealer palette.... Check mate :)

Ok story over lets get down to business, I was very impressed with the Australis Concealer Palette overall it has great coverage and the colour correction is perfect for my skin as i usually have a lot of pink tone in my skin.

  • Small packaging for easy storage in a make up bag
  • Great coverage
  • Product smells good
  • The palette has a layer for bags under your eyes and a layer for redness and each layer has a regular concealer component 
  • At only $12.95 it wont break the bank
  • It didn't come with an application brush or anything 
  • The packaging was hard to open
  • It only has one mirror under the first layer and every time i try to use it the layer falls and clips back down which gets real tiring real fast.

Well i hope you enjoyed my review of Australis Conceal Correct concealer palette

Peace out xx

Friday, 28 November 2014

The Disney Tag

Hello my lovelies,
After doing my last Tag post i am hooked one of the lovely ladies i follow Little Bits of Pixie Dust recently posted about how much she needed to do the Disney Tag and i am in the same boat,

I have been watching Disney films pretty much since i was born... my first dress up costume i had was Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Well lets get this party started...

1. Whats your favourite Disney film?
Alice in Wonderland because i love a little madness and i have always loved the story and the songs are great.
2.Which Disney movie's scene would you love to live?
The Tea Party scene in Alice in Wonderland or The Ballroom Scene in Beauty and the Beast both are magical.
3. If you were a Prince who would you be?
I know hes not really a prince but i would be Flynn Ryder from Tangled because I'm a bit of a wild card too.
 4. If you were a Princess who would you be?
Merida hands down i love archery and shes is a woman with a wild spirit like me
(Plus i am a sucker for red hair)
5. Who do you look like the most?
This one is tricky i would say kinda of a Belle with blue eyes
6. If you could choose a Disney character to be your friend who would it be?
Belle as we could read books together

7. A Disney scene that always makes you cry?
This one is easy, the scene in The Lion King when Mufasa dies and Simba tries to wake him up
8.What Disney film have you seen the most?
Alice in Wonderland easily...

9.What is your Favourite Disney Song?
Let it go from of-course Frozen i sing this song to my friends kids and they love it and so do i..

Ok so there you have it i tag +Vanessa Thornton +Chic Alluring +Miss J. Fashion Musings Diary +Nana Granada +Lauren Hills

Peace out xx

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

"TAG Your it" I've been Tagged!

This is my first attempt at a TAG post, i was TAGged by +Vanessa Thornton  and well i'm not going to beat around the bush... i usually suck at answering questions but i shall give it a whirl...

1.What is the product you have wanted for the longest time?
Erm..ummm... errrm great start haha, I would probably have to say a MAC foundation and maybe a primer 

2. If you had to wear only one foundation for the rest of your life what would it be?
This one is easy for me i really like the Maybelline dream matte mouse in nude

3.Your house is burning down what product do you grab first?
My concealer palette and then my foundation and then my powder and mascara.... 

4. What is your latest empty product?
I think it would have to be my Elizabeth Arden foundation

5. What quote(s) do you live by?
"If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all"
"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way"
"Why change?everyone has his own style. When you have found it. You should stick to it"

6. If you could only buy make up from one brand, which brand would it be?
Rimmel London hands down

7. Which type of beauty products do you buy the most of?
Foundations, Mascaras, eyeliners and fake eyelashes

8. How long have you been wearing make up for?
Since i was 10/12 years old so almost 10/12 years which kind of sucks the fact i haven't mastered winged eye liner yet haha

9. If you could be any mystical creature, what would you be?
A vanir like the god Frey and goddess Freyja they are closely tied in to elves which i love :)

Okay well that was my first TAG... i lost my TAG virginity haha
I am going to TAG +Shireen L. Platt +Chic Alluring +ellie rodwell +Coco Cami +Isabella Muse
Peace out xx

Monday, 24 November 2014

My new hair!

Hello my lovelies,
I thought i would share my new hair with you, i was feeling quite down and flat lately and decided to change my hair a little to revamp myself... i know i said i would stop dying my hair but hey i caved ok i needed it...

I OMBRED!! comment and let me know what you think <3

Peace out xx